All-In-One Client Management, Billing, & Project Management Designed for Agencies

Agency Maestro is designed for any type of agency to manage their clients, track client work, store documents, and assets, create invoices, and bill their clients with complete Stripe Integration. Project management coming December 1, 2020!

Agencies Who Love Agency Maestro

Agency Dashboard

One of the biggest things an agency needs to do is manage their revenue so they can manage their resources and hiring. We developed a simple dashboard that shows an agency their monthly revenue collected and breaks down the revenue into setup fees, recurring services, and hourly billing.

Flexible Service Name

At our past and current agency, we had two types of service names. We had individual service names such as Website Management or AdWords Management, but we also had packages such as Growth Marketing. We have designed Agency Maestro to allow agencies to name the services to match how you designed your agency.

Custom Service Billing

We also found by working with and running multiple agencies that we may have standard service names, but billing tended to be customized and unique to each client. Agency Maestro is designed so that you can apply one-time, monthly, or hourly billing logic to individual clients despite having standard service names. You can also bill upfront or at the end of any 30 day period.