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Agency Maestro is designed for any type of agency to manage their clients, track client work, store documents, and assets, create invoices, and bill their clients with complete Stripe Integration. The platform is currently FREE UNTIL THE END OF JUNE with subscriptions starting at just $10 per user in July 2020.

Running an agency is tough! AgencyMaestro shows you how to maximize your agency’s operations & scale profitably.

When we started our first agency we didn’t know much about agency operations and didn’t have much money. We just knew we wanted to make sure clients always received what they paid for, we centralized our information, and we didn’t spend time tracking down payments or we did work that we didn’t get paid for. We took the learnings from our 400 client agency and feedback from other agency owners to make Agency Maestro. Here are the features we found the most important for our operations.

Agency Dashboard

See your monthly agency revenue, new clients, & top clients all on one page

Flexible Service Names

Agencies can name services any way they want allowing a la carte services or unique service package naming

Custom Service Billing

Services can be billed differently by each client and then hourly, monthly, or one-time to allow complete flexibility

Automated Invoicing

Invoices are automatically generated for clients who pay by check or credit card through your agency’s Stripe account

Centralized Client Profiles

Client profiles track service notes, invoicing, client logins, client assets, client contracts, and client documents

Password Storage

Client passwords are kept on your client profiles so they aren’t stored on spreadsheets

One of the biggest things an agency needs to do is manage their revenue so they can manage their resources and hiring. We developed a simple dashboard that shows an agency their monthly revenue collected and breaks down the revenue into setup fees, recurring services, and hourly billing. 

At our past and current agency, we had two types of service names. We had individual service names such as Website Management or AdWords Management, but we also had packages such as Growth Marketing. We have designed Agency Maestro to allow agencies to name the services to match how you designed your agency. 

We also found by working with and running multiple agencies that we may have standard service names, but billing tended to be customized and unique to each client. Agency Maestro is designed so that you can apply one-time, monthly, or hourly billing logic to individual clients despite having standard service names. You can also bill upfront or at the end of any 30 day period.

Invoices are not just automated but we automatically mark them as paid if paid by credit card or you can apply a payment made by check. Credit card transactions are optional but are processed through your own Stripe account so that you always have access to any client payments once they are available to be deposited into your bank account.

One of the biggest reasons agencies fail or fail to scale is the inability to develop systems and document processes. We developed a centralized client profile to keep your agency’s client information all in one place and control team access when someone leaves. There is no reason to be using a spreadsheet for passwords or a separate file hosting service for client documents. 

After speaking and consulting with agencies, the #1 place client passwords were kept was a spreadsheet. We designed a simple password storage system in each client profile to centralize login information and disable client login information when a team member in your agency leaves.

Agency Maestro helps agencies who specialize in advertising, branding, consulting, digital marketing, and development — run smoother!

“I never realized how many small operational things I was missing or how simply adding basic organization to my workflow has made us more profitable. Agency Maestro has allowed us to focus more time on our clients than on internal operations.”

—Geoff Allen | Founder of STL Web Marketing

Agency Maestro Was Designed to Help Agencies Scale Profitably