All in One Agency Software for Project Management, Automated Billing, and Unlimited Client Management

Agency Maestro was designed specifically for marketing and consultant agencies to have one centralized solution to successfully grow their agency vision. We created this software because we were tired of using multiple tools to do simple things like send out invoices or track time for projects.

Client Management Software

Agencies Powered
by Agency Maestro

  • Agency Dashboard

    Our dashboard is designed to make it easy and clear for agencies to see their monthly revenue, as well as how much of that comes from recurring fees versus one-time costs or hourly rates. This tool helps agencies to understand where they are successful, helping to manage resources and focusing their agency where there is value

    Project & Task Management

    Agency Maestro gives you the power to name each service on your dashboard per your agency’s design and services offered. By using this customization feature, your dashboard and services become more organized and fit into your agency’s needs.

    Custom Service Billing

    We discovered that despite having standard service names, each client requires unique billing logic. For this reason, we designed Agency Maestro to allow the application of one-time monthly or hourly billing on an individual basis regardless of what services are provided in any given month–and made sure there are options for upfront payments as well at 30 day periods end!