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Agency Questions

How do I add users?

You add users under the “Users” tab by selecting the “Add User” drop-down which will have you then fill out the new user’s information. 

How do I view users?

Under the “Users” tab you are able to select to view users. Within this page, you can view the status of the user as well as an action option to edit the user’s profile.

How do I change my password?

Under the settings tab, you are given the option to change your password. If you need to change your own to log in, you can use the forgot password link.

How do I change a team member’s username and password?

Under the Users tab you can select “View Users,” from there you can edit the profile of your user and change their password. You can also make them inactive if they leave your agency.

How do I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your subscription at any time by going to Manage Subscription and then Upgrade plan.

When/How do I pay my subscription?

Subscriptions are paid by credit card monthly for the users you have.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can upgrade your subscription at any time by going to Manage Subscription and then Cancel Subscription.

What happens when my trial is over?

 We offer all clients a 14 day free trial to see if Agency Mestro is a good fit for your operation. Once you’re notified at the top of your account that your trial is over you can choose to subscribe, delete your account, or speak with an onboarding specialist. 


How do I apply billing to a client?

When you assign a service you select the client, payment method, billing type, start/end date, and the  billing rate. Services are designed to be flexible so you can apply different types of billing rules to each client.

How do I charge a one-time fee to a client?

Under services you will see the option “Charge now,” this will prompt you to select the client, service to apply, service fee, and an optional service note. This will then process an immediate one-time payment.

How do I track billing by the hour?

You just add your time to notes and if the service is setup for hourly billing, then our system will track and create an invoice at the end of each month.

How do I view failed invoices?

To manage failed invoices under the “Billing” tab you will select the actions tab. This allows you to view the failed invoice and also view the service details. 

How do I view open and paid invoices?

Every month your clients will be billed automatically if they have a credit card on file or sent an invoice if paying by check. In the billing tab you can view failed invoices, open invoices, and paid invoices. This shows the invoice number, invoice date, client name, payment method, total, and the Action option. Billing can be set for a one time payment, up-front payment, or at the end of each 30 day cycle via credit card or check.

How do I know if a client’s credit card payment fails?

If a payment is failed you will receive an email notification. You can then select billing, failed invoices, and select the action option to view the invoice, view the service breakdown within the invoice, and mark the invoice as paid if the invoice was paid in an alternative way.

How will billing work for my subscription?

We will bill Agencies based on active users when the subscription renews giving you some flexibility to delete or add users as your staff changes.

How do you integrate with my own Stripe account?

Credit card transactions are optional but are processed through your own Stripe account if you choose. We allow you to put in your own Stripe API keys so that you always have access to any client payments once they are available to be deposited into your bank account and we can display the revenue and invoices.

Client Management

How do I add a new client? 

To add a new client you will go to the “Clients” tab. You will then select the “Add client” drop-down.

How do I upload client information?

You can upload bulk client information by selecting the “Clients tab” followed by the “Add bulk clients” drop-down menu. From there you will be able to upload your CSV File.

How do I add a client profile picture or logo?

When adding a client under the “Add client” drop-down you will be given the option to choose a file for the client’s logo under client information. Under the “contacts” you can also upload a contact’s picture if you have them or can download off LinkedIn.

How do I know the status of a client?

Under the “Clients” tab you will see the options “Active Clients” and “Inactive Clients.” Active clients show clients who are currently using and paying their subscriptions. Inactive clients feature the clients who are not currently active or who have not paid their subscription. We set this up so you can filter out old clients without losing their data.

How do I track revenue and client growth?

We built a dashboard integrated with invoicing and billing. When an invoice is created or paid, we display that on the dashboard and client profile. Then you can run reports based on your client invoices and services to track revenue.

Do I have to log in to a client’s account to view their contacts?

Client contact information can be easily accessed under the “Contacts” tab. We set this up so if you need to find someone you don’t have to search Client profiles to find the right contact.

How do I manage/store client information and passwords?

Your team can store client information within client profiles. You can store the account, username, and password so you always have one central location for all your client’s information.

Services And Reports

How do I add my agency services?

To create a new service you will go to the “Service Management” drop-down under the “Services” tab. Once you’re in the service management section you select the “Add Service” option in the top left portion of the page.  You will add a name and description. Billing is independent to allow you flexibility when setting up billing. 

How do I assign a service?

To assign a service you will select the “Service tab.” You will then see the “Assign a Service” drop-down. This will prompt you to pick a service, pick a client, and set up their contract. Billing supports one time payments, hours accrued for a month, or monthly billing or retainer.

How can I view service actions?

To view service actions under the “Services” tab you select the “Assigned Services” drop-down. From there you can view the assigned services as well as the actions option to view activities, edit the service applied, view service details, end service, as well as delete the service applied. 

How do I view service details?

You can click on an invoice or view their profile and contract to make sure you are delivering the right service.

How do I know the status of a service?

The status of service under the “Assigned Services” tab will show a green circle indicating that the service is active or currently running. The orange circle shows that the service has not begun yet, the half-filled red circle shows that the service is ending today, and the full red circle shows that the service has ended.

How do I update a service?

Due to the complications of billing, we don’t’ allow updating of a service. You can end and start a new service if there is an error. 

How do I end a service?

You can delete a service that hasn’t started or end a service that has one invoice. Ending a service though ensures they won’t be charged if you let a client out of their contract early.

How do I view and change report dates?

For overall reports, you select the “filter by date” icon at the top right corner of the dashboard where you can select the specific dates of reporting you would like to view.

How can I filter reports?

You can run reports by date and then filter by a client as needed.

Product Roadmap

We have the following features in our product roadmap:
  • Paypal invoice payments – in progress
  • Client data import tool
  • Contact data import tool
  • Google Docs integration via Zapier
  • Admin color change option to match Agency’s logos
  • Customizable drag and drop agency dashboard with more KPI widgets
  • Project & task management calendar view
  • Sales CRM for sales teams

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