Agency Maestro Features

Automated Invoicing &
Stripe Billing

Invoices are automatically generated for clients who pay by check or credit card through your own agency’s Stripe account so you always have access to your payments. Invoices paid by credit card are automatically marked as paid or failed and checks are marked manually by your team. Our invoicing and billing system’s key features include:

  • Automated credit card & check invoices
  • Seamless integration with Stripe for credit cards
  • Secure payment storage when Stripe enabled
  • Automated notifications for failed and open invoices

Robust Client Info Storage

With a centralized client profile, there is no need to use passwords or separate file hosting services. No more searching for access information between multiple accounts! Individualized client profiles store the following information:

  • Client contact’s phone & email & click of a button
  • Centralized login username and password storage
  • Client note tracking to track completed work
  • Internal note tracking to keep internal notes private
  • Service and invoice tracking for easy access

Secure Client Info &
User Access

We are all familiar with the practice of saving usernames and passwords in a spreadsheet. But this method is not safe or efficient because it’s easy to lose track of where you saved your login information, plus there is a security risk of the file getting into the wrong hands! We have designed an effective way for our clients to store their credentials by creating password storage systems within each client profile.

The client password feature gives you the ability to:

  • Keep all your client information in one place
  • Eliminate the need for spreadsheets in the cloud
  • Remove an employee’s access from client login information and Agency Maestro with one button click.