Creating a compelling landing page is essential to promote your website, your brand, or your product. 

A pretty-looking page isn’t enough. Like every other aspect in marketing, you should be the answer to your audiences’ problems. This would help your business create sales!

If you’re a new marketing agency owner, and you don’t know what to do or how to do it, you must figure out what you need and how to incorporate that into your content. This article will help you figure out the answer to your questions.


What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is basically your agency’s homepage of marketing deals — totally independent from your main homepage. It is where the compelling details of your brand are located. It’s also the central point of where your deals, trade, offers, or specials are conducted. Your main goal would be to make a website visitor into a customer.

The landing page of your agency should create an atmosphere of trust, so you provide pieces of information about your agency in exchange for what you offer to your potential customers. 

Depending on how well your landing page is made, it directly affects the amount of traffic it attracts.

As your landing page gains credibility from your users, you can rank higher in search engine page results. This would make promoting your marketing agency a lot easier.

So, how do you create or design a high-performing landing page? 


Tips for Marketing Agencies on Creating a High-Performance Landing Page


Be User-Friendly

It is important to remember that having a website that is hard to navigate or takes a long time to load can drive a potential customer away. You wouldn’t want that too right?

Don’t confuse your audience by talking too much about your brand (that’s what the main agency website is for!) or giving too many details that would be too tiring to read. Keeping your website precise and straight-to-the-point will help guide your potential customer on what they need and how to get it.


Utilize Call-to-Actions

For you to be able to properly guide your potential customers, call-to-actions (CTAs) should be very clearly placed.

Your landing page should be equipped with CTAs, so a user will know where to go whether they want to buy, sign up, contact the supplier or your agency, and so on.


Make a Compelling Headline

A headline for your landing page shows your brand and gives visitors an idea of what your services are.

A compelling headline will grab the interest and understanding of your site visitors. It doesn’t have to be wordy or poetic, as long as you can deliver the message and the goal of your brand. 


Make Compelling Subheadings

Now, once you’ve grabbed the attention of your potential customer through your headline, your next goal is to maintain that attention. Your subheadings will make them want to continue reading or exploring within your landing page.

A subheading should be persuasive in order to gain your potential customer’s curiosity. It should support the message of your headline. 

Like your heading, your subheading doesn’t have to be too wordy or poetic. The important aspect of a subheading is that it helps deliver the message of your heading.


Create a Proper Page Structure

Having a proper structure within your page will prevent your potential customers from confusion. A chaotic page will surely drive them away. 

There are formulas made from marketing strategies to create a solid page structure. Here are a few of them:

  • Before-After-Bridge: “Before” means helping your potential customer determine what their problem is and how it affects their world. “After” means helping them create a visual image of what would happen to them if that problem was solved (the solution should be your product!). “Bridge” is a symbolization of how you can help their problems reach its solution.
  • Features-Advantages-Benefits (FAB): This formula is where you start with what you or your brand can offer, like your products or services. You then proceed on how using your products or services would help them with their problem. Lastly, you tell them what they can get from your brand.


Making a high-performing landing page is not an easy task. Like other responsibilities of marketing strategies, it takes time and dedication. It is necessary to strategize within your marketing agency on how to utilize your landing page to maximize conversion. Relying on your page alone is not enough; constant updates are needed for constant changes in online market trends. Understand the problems and needs of your marketing agency website visitors, offer a solution, and deliver results!