The main objective of any business owner is to ensure that their company produces money. The field of digital marketing, like any other industry, is full of rivalry. That implies you’ll need to offer competitive pricing to draw customers to your agency. However, to maintain the viability of your digital marketing firm, you must generate a profit. Profit is the key to ensure every company develops and grows.

In terms of pricing your digital agency’s services, there’s a balancing act between lowering revenues to stay competitive and driving away customers by overcharging. Fortunately, you have several options in setting up the prices of your digital marketing services. In this article, we will cover how to price your services for your digital marketing agency.

Pricing Models for Your Digital Agency

As a digital marketing agency, you can charge your clients in a variety of ways. Here are a few of your choices:

Service Package

Many digital marketers provide “packages” where clients can pick from a variety of services. Clients have the option of selecting a package that is the most suitable for their requirements and budget. Packaged pricing is beneficial to your company and the client since it ensures that the deliverables are transparent. If you’re going to offer a Service Package, make sure you have the expertise and capabilities to accomplish all the services you’re promoting.

It’s challenging to develop and create pricing packages that meet all your customers’ expectations given the enormous flexibility of services offered by a digital firm. Paid ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media management are likely to be easier to package because these services are pretty uncomplicated. Other services, such as building a mobile app, website, or integrated system, may be too complex to fit within a defined package price.

If a project has a defined scope and you have the relevant experience to complete it, you can provide packaged plans. Furthermore, offering Service Packages Might be quite handy if your target market is startups or those who are unfamiliar with digital services.

Public Pricing

Rather than packaging options, it may be preferable to price services separately. Prospects will be able to choose exactly what they require in this manner. The public pricing system appeals to people who don’t want to give up their privacy by completing a contact form only to receive pricing information.

If you are confident that you can offer a competitive price for the same services as your enterprise-level rivals, go ahead and publish your pricing. Finally, consider your marketing objectives when deciding whether to disclose your agency’s pricing model.

Custom Quote

Many digital agencies don’t publish rates and instead request a contact address so that they can deliver a custom quote. There are numerous things that can be included in a custom quote. If you respect your customers’ time or recognize their apprehension about sharing their contact details during their first visit to your website, you have the option of providing a custom quote calculator.

This solution enables customers to order what they require while staying within their budget. This also eliminates the need for customers to email or phone you for a custom estimate. It’s relatively simple to implement, thanks to a multitude of widgets, plugins, and scripts accessible online.

Hourly Pricing

This is the best strategy for agencies who are getting started and aren’t sure how long projects will take. It’s also the most straightforward approach to charge your clients, particularly those who request numerous tweaks and revisions.

The crucial thing to bear in mind here is that your hourly fee must be sufficient to keep the agency running. Make sure to tell your clients the estimated duration of the project and leave yourself a few additional hours. However, if you wish to expand, you may need to raise digital agency prices or change your pricing plan.

The Bottomline

Learning how to price your services effectively is crucial if you want to keep up with your competition in the digital marketing sector. In this article, we’ve provided agency tips on pricing your digital marketing services. Investing the time to learn about different pricing models will assist you in achieving your objectives faster and take your business to new heights.


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